Vanessa Ruck

Vanessa Ruck - The Girl on a Bike

Vanessa grew up in the great outdoors, and whether through kite surfing, snowboarding or mountain biking, it had always been about getting physical. However, life took a turn in 2014 when Vanessa was hit while cycling by a car driver who ran a red light. Despite the enormous injuries, Vanessa remained adamant that she would make the most out of life.

With a seven-year recovery that included seven surgeries and two reconstructed body parts, her journey to recovery has been a roller coaster. It was through this period that Vanessa discovered motorcycles.

Vanessa started with cruising, but rapidly ramped up to trials, adventure, enduro, and rally, as her body healed. In 2021 Vanessa took on huge challenges by competing in Red Bull Romaniacs and Rallye du Marco.

Vanessa Ruck is on a mission to show that nothing is impossible if you work hard enough. She has successfully leveraged the power of social media and passionate storytelling, to share her story and inspire others. She empowers others with the lessons she has learned and her emotional, thought provoking, and highly engaging story.

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